Huize Insurance Broker Co. Ltd, established in 2006 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is one of the earliest internet insurance platforms approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission (hereinafter “CIRC”) and the founder of a third-party internet insurance platform.

As one of the pioneers of internet insurance platform with more than 10 years, we maintain our leading position in the field of insurance. We are cooperating with more than 80 insurance companies and selling more than 1000 insurance products, including life, health, accident, travel, auto and corporate insurance. Insurance product packages provide comprehensive protection for customers with diversified requirements like pregnancy, high-risk outdoor activities, travelling and so on. We develop and customize our own products through analysis of user data and market.

We offer closed-loop services from pre-sale to after-sale. We have established our customer service centre to ensure one-to-one service for our clients. To solve the problems of misleading and claim difficulties, we launch our “traceable service” to publicize our phone and online chatting recordings to every customers. We are the first internet internet platform who publicizes such records to clients. Our claim assistance service, such as instructions on preparing required documents, tracking process, direct compensation for small amount claims and legal consultation, greatly improves the efficiency of claim process and customer rights protection.

We develop our own technologies to support online insurance transactions. As an internet insurance platform, apps can be downloaded to buy insurance products online and enjoy customization services from professional consultation team. Online comparison service is available and helps our customers to purchase products more accurately. Our purchasing system docks with core systems of more than 80 insurance companies. This helps to track the orders and to get the policy within 30 minutes after the payment. We use ssl for encrypted data transmission to protect user data and private information. Advanced operation system adaptation will reduce different business logic and has set up barriers on products and operations of insurance industry.

We consistently consider our kindness and profession as our priority. We connect insurance with real demands of our clients by giving the goodwill of insurance.

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